2019 – Chasing mermaids and adventure

Happy New Year. The last year of the 2010s. (I’m just a little bit excited about the 2020’s but that is a story for another day). If you follow me on Facebook,  Instagram or Twitter, you may have seen that I spent New Year on a cruise ship somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. It was... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a learner: Author signing events

Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending the West Coast Fiction Festival. In short, it was amazing. It was a fantastic day spent in a room full of authors, books, and booklovers; followed by a night of drinks and dancing with those same people. (Disclaimer: I was on the organising committee, in particular... Continue Reading →

The numbers game

Fun fact about me: both my parents are mathematicians. True story. Mum is a statistician who does clever things with numbers (she has a PhD in medical statistics), Dad lectures in maths at Perth university (this is his second career, I'll write more about childhood a different time). However, maths is not my favourite subject.... Continue Reading →

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