The numbers game

Fun fact about me: both my parents are mathematicians. True story. Mum is a statistician who does clever things with numbers (she has a PhD in medical statistics), Dad lectures in maths at Perth university (this is his second career, I’ll write more about childhood a different time).


However, maths is not my favourite subject. I did do the super hard maths in my last years of high schools, but mostly because my parents said it would be easy marks (they forgot to take into account my appalling study habits). I’m reasonable at standard stuff, but I find working with words much easier than working with numbers. This is why I became a lawyer not an accountant or an engineer.


So its all a bit ironic that the more I am writing, the more I am realising that part of being an author is playing the numbers games. Word counts. Deadlines. Timelines. Watching social media following. Budgets. And, hopefully one day balancing the books so I can do this full time!

Speaking of which, I should probably go back to actual writing so I can become an actual full time author.

But first! I’m super excited that:

  • I have over 500 followers on Instagram;
  • I am almost at 200 likers on Facebook (I’m totally checking in every day to see if my numbers are creeping upwards there);
  • I have 923 followers on Twitter; and
  • I finally have a newsletter so I can start generating some subscriber numbers!

Happy reading.

Cate xx

PS Did you see the newsletter popup? I’m sort of proud of myself for getting it to work. Even though I didn’t actually want a popup, I just wanted a form. Sorry about that.

PPS NaNo starts next week. The month of November is definitely a numbers game. Stay tuned.


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