What Catie read next: The Gender Game (Bella Forrest)

I’m totally late to the party, but I have recently been introduced to Bella Forrest.

Ever since I read ‘The Hunger Games’ I’ve been on the hunt for dystopian books. (I don’t know how I missed an entire genre before then; especially a genre I enjoy so much. Go figure. Although, admittedly, I initially read ‘The Hunger Games’ under protest, but that is a whole other story).

Bella Forrest’s ‘The Gender Game’ series is currently filling my need for dystopian books and I am enthralled.

Violet was born in the matriarchy of Matrus, but must cross to the other side of the river to pose as a subservient women in the patriarch of Patrus, in order to save her life and if she has any chance of seeing the brother stolen from her.

Both territories have harsh rules and strictly enforced gender roles meaning the likelihood of true friendship and trustworthy allies crossing the boundary seems fundamentally impossible. Yet, the more deeply embroiled Violet becomes in the political games the more she realises nothing is as clearly defined as she’d always been told. Friends and foes cannot be classified on gender alone.

I’m halfway through the series and I’m already working out which Bella Forrest books to read next. Do I go for another dystopian series or do I embark on her long running Shades series?

Happy reading.

Cate xx


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