Pathway to publication: Why am I here?

Well, I am hoping you are here because you’re interested in finding out more about me. And finding out more about my books so you are prepared for when they are ready to be unleashed on the world. If not, can we pretend that’s why you’re here? It will make me feel good.

But why am I here, writing this post?

Two main reasons.

First, my research shows that a strong social media presence and a well developed internet presence is very beneficial to aspiring authors. So, as an aspiring author*, here I am!

As a follower of many authors, bloggers, random people, I know I lose interest if there isn’t new content. I’m guessing this isn’t just me, so I figured I had better think of something to write about, other than “my book will be released in the hopefully not too distant future” every few days.

That brings me to my second reason.

One of the things I enjoy reading on author pages is the story of how someone ends up published. It gives me hope. Instead of waiting until I’m actually established, I thought I’d start now. From the time I decided to make my dream public and put my goal out for the universe to see. Hopefully one day someone will find it useful to keep them going on their journey.

So that’s it. They are my basic reasons for why I am here, right now, with an author webpage before I have a published book.

Want to read more? Stay tuned for other ‘pathway to publication’ posts. And for more about me. I think there will also be some “my book will be released in the hopefully not too distant future” posts, but I promise there won’t be too many of those ones.

Happy reading!

Cate xx

*I am deliberately using the term ‘aspiring author’ in this context. I am a writer. I write stuff. I have written a book. But I just don’t feel comfortable calling myself an ‘author’ until I’m published. Semantics? Possibly. But I’m comfortable with writer or aspiring author. Thoughts?


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